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MEDICAL ARCHITECTURE is a firm that specializes in programming, master planning and design of healthcare facilities. MA assists medical institutions, architects and other organizations that require our expertise. It is a privilege to share with you our knowledge not only to make ourselves better known but also to convey to you our work methodology as well. In the following lines we will attempt to describe the planning process involved in reorganizing and expanding existing buildings and designing completely new healthcare facilities.


How many times have you asked yourself?

Who can assist us with our plans to remodel
and expand our infrastructure to accommodate it
to the fast paced change in
today's healthcare environment?


What are the factors affecting such
infrastructure to provide appropriate
to patients accord


Which is the most expeditious method
to conduct the planning process based on
the function, size and
complexity of our hospital?


How can be determined the required
and number of spaces?


Which consultant can we approach
to get a superb design without
compromising the functionality or
character of our institution?


Is there an organized way to keep under
control the equipment cost and
inventory exactly as was specified in the project?


Which are the resources and where is it possible
to obtain information on hospital
programming, planning and design?


Would you like to organize instructive
and informative seminars
at your location?


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Hospital Planning


MA has more than 20 years of experience in medical planning. More than 200 successful projects guarantee our capability and expertise.

A very important factor of our professional competence is the determination to stay well informed and updated to the technical answers to the fast-paced advancement of medicine. Master Planning (MP) is the ideal tool to determine accurately the necessary direction and steps that complex institutions like hospitals must take to resolve their infrastructure needs. To work properly, MP requires the active participation of user groups, management, and consultants.

Given the complexity that characterizes this type of study, the work is often postponed for a long time therefore aggravating the situation, frustrating the staff, and in some cases worrying the patients and their families. The longer the solution is deferred, the more acute the magnitude of the conflict becomes, sometimes compromising the safety of procedures and care delivery.

The most common causes of this delay are the size of the problem and its associated cost. The identification of skilled and experienced consultants assumes a vital role within the first steps of facing the task. We believe that we are one of those firms.

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Contemporary Modalities of Medical Care


The appropriate selection of a good medical planning and consulting firm must consider its capacity to solve highly complex projects as well as its knowledge of modern healthcare practice, its impact on the infrastructure and the equipment within its walls.

There is a great variety of medical care philosophies which originate in different parts of the world. Although the concept of good health is relatively universal, its delivery assumes local characteristics particular to the project's region. We strive to listen carefully to patients, medical staff and administrative representatives to identify the social, cultural, religious and regional aspects that uniquely distinguish the proposed project.

It is important not to loose sight of the required sensibility to the physical and spiritual needs of the patients and their families as well as the medical staff. While it is important to understand the value of design and its importance in inducing a prompt and effective patient recovery, it is vital to ensure that the functional efficiency of the project will not be compromised only by aesthetics.

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Functional Computerized Programming


When we hear about a poor or deficient design, one of the most common causes is a failure during the programming phase that precedes the design. Very often only one or two rushing work sessions with the user groups are devoted to determine the project needs before starting the drawings.

Some of the most common deficiencies are: the consultant inability to listen carefully, the design of a refined version that replicates the existing defects, or the excessive condescension on the part of the consultant to please an intransigent staff member. Ultimately, a defective program leads to the construction of structures no better than those it intends to replace. On the other hand, a well documented and correctly elaborated program is conducive to a superb design that not only provides an appropriate building but that also makes it flexible and adaptable to future needs.

Our work method allows us to keep all resolutions under control and in orderly fashion as they were discussed during the planning and design process. Various factors that stand out during this process are the healthcare modalities, the number and classification of participating staff, the levels of asepsis and infection control, the characteristics and number of procedures, and the handling and distribution of equipment, materials, and supplies.

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Interactive Space Programming


Once the description of functions and services is completed MA prepares a space program. All rooms and most appropriate grossing allowances are detailed for all departments.

The use of our interactive and unmatched programs allows us to calculate quickly and accurately any type of health facility. In every case, the number of spaces is determined based on the statistical and procedural workload. The program's interactivity permits easy adjustment of the figures at any time during the project phases encouraging constant evaluation and adjustment.
After the completion of the project, MA files the program of your institution for future revisions. This attribute is extremely valuable to our clients due to the simple update process available at any time of the hospital life.

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Design of Medical Facilities


Lets talk about design. Even though numbers are important, once the figures are analyzed, corrected and accepted we initiate the creative phase of designing buildings that not only must function well but have to be attractive, efficient, and humane. A place where patients could experience a prompt and full recovery. A large list of research studies confirm the role of the environment over patients. Hospitals have the duty to facilitate the recovery process toward good health and architects have an opportunity to contribute to this reality. It is during this phase where MA shows its professional capabilities. The challenge is not the construction of just an efficient hospital. The challenge is to design it to be functional and attractive.
The analysis of the characteristics that identify every institution determine the success of the project from the very beginning. The particularities of a specific region, its human values and the local practice of medicine must be recognized from the start to warrant the most appropriate solution

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Typical Rooms


The high specialization of contemporary medicine compel us to keep a constant learning pace. Our files comprise a full range of diagnostic and treatment standard rooms that are constantly updated according to each specialty. Our library also contains standards developed by other organizations. All spaces illustrate the location of the movable and fixed equipment in plan walls and ceiling including cabinetry, sinks, electrical and medical gas outlets.

These standards are utilized as reference material to develop a model that will respond to your project requirements. An equipment list complements the room plates indicating the equipment pieces and all its connections.

Once this phase is completed our involvement with the project continues by providing support the local architect in charge of preparing the construction documents to warrant that all decisions and project premises become implemented.

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Reference Material


Our library, which is at your service contains more than 4,000 entries with new items being added on a regular basis. Its contents include both articles and books which are exclusively devoted to medical planning, programming and design. Since all entries are organized in a data base it is easy to conduct queries and locate any material according to the specified subject. We also extend our in-depth search to medical libraries in local universities when required by our Clients and for specific projects.

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Educational Seminars


MA provides seminars at your place. Please contact us to organize instructive presentations on space programming and medical planning. We have several formats available for your convenience using our fully computerized programs. During these classes all project phases and planning techniques are described, space programming is demonstrated in great detail with actual proprietary tools, and the sessions are illustrated with floor plans of hospital departments, typical medical spaces, and other graphical media. This didactic material which serves the purpose of Staff orientation before the project starts is also offered to hospitals, healthcare organizations, universities, and communities interested in learning what is involved in the medical architecture process.

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Last Word


We hope that you have a good understanding of our services and the role of our future participation as members of your project's team. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish additional information on MA, or on hospital spaces, utilization statistics, hospital planning and programming methods, or to discuss your projects with us.



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